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Mihaela's story

Mihaela Giuiu chose to study at LJMU because the course is focused on innovation and encourages collaborations. She thinks collaborations are important and through the course wanted to explore wearable technology and understand how it works. "I wanted to integrate technology in design, more specifically technology to improve security in accessories. I designed a biometric lock for zippers and the application for it - a backpack. Essentially my MA has two projects - a hiking backpack and a biometric lock. The MA has been truly enriching. I had a boost of confidence, got to meet extraordinary people and made invaluable industry contacts and friendships. Importantly, when it comes to wearable technology, a subject I didn't know much about, I came to have a better understanding of it, explore and acquire skills (new software, engineering, research) needed to perform in this new branch of fashion. After all this I think I understand myself as a designer better and I have a better idea of where I want to go. To me this MA was not a course or a project, it was a journey."