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Claire's story

Clare Austin studied Psychology for her first degree before coming to LJMU for her masters in Health Psychology.

I moved to LJMU as I had heard really good things about the place from friends who had already studied here.

Postgraduate study is very different to undergraduate as there are fewer formal lectures and much more independent study. This does, however, improve your timekeeping and organisational skills.

I have really enjoyed the freedom to do my thesis on a topic I am passionate about. LJMU is very good at supporting students and highlighting future opportunities – something that other universities don’t always do. I have always received constructive feedback on my assignments, enabling me to improve my weak areas, maximise my strengths and keep moving forward. Staff are helpful and flexible in their approach and this enables you to reach your true potential.

The University is also very good at preparing you for work and further study. We have had lots of career talks from alumni demonstrating the opportunities available to us. These have often been in areas we hadn’t previously considered.

Without LJMU I simply wouldn’t have had the great opportunities I have been given and I certainly wouldn’t have had the skills to carry out the PhD I am currently undertaking in the School of Sport and Exercise Science.”