Obsessive compulsive disorder

Many people have thoughts they may find odd or routines they feel they must carry out. Whilst most are able to not let these interfere with their daily lives' others get overwhelmed and distressed impacting on their functioning. This short 3-minute video will highlight the key features of OCD:

For more information on OCD, such as the way it can impact our thinking, behaviours, physical sensations, and emotions along with some self-help interventions on ways to manage it then this self-help guide may be useful.

Resources to support OCD

Togetherall offers an online easily accessible platform to anonymously reach out to others via forums and access a range of self-help courses such as managing OCD.

People with OCD can often also notice they have periods of depression and low mood due to the impact the OCD can have on your daily functioning. You may find some information within the depression and low mood section helpful along with relaxation and meditation available via the main Wellbeing Hub page.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Staff can use the Vivup EAP service to speak to a trained counsellor 24/7, 365 days a year. To access the support line, call 0330 380 0658 and mention you are LJMU staff or visit the website.