Running is free, you can do it anywhere, and it burns more calories than any other exercise.

Regular running can reduce your risk of long-term illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It can also boost your mood and keep your weight under control.

If you are new to running or returning having had an injury, it is essential to ease yourself into it slowly, increasing your pace and distance gradually over several outings:

  • Warm-up at least 5 minutes before your run. Try quick walking, marching on the spot, knee lifts, side stepping and climbing stairs
  • Start by walking for an amount of time that feels comfortable
  • When you first start out, try alternating between running and walking
  • As time goes on, make the running intervals longer until you no longer feel the need to walk
  • Find out how to run correctly
  • Cool down for 5 minutes after your run. Try walking and a doing few stretches 

LJMU Running Club

Set up in January 2021, Exy's Midday Runners organises 30-45 minute staff lunchtime runs. Join the group for a friendly jog, at your pace. The group meets most weeks at 12pm, starting and finishing at Exchange Station Foyer (Exy). All abilities welcome. If you are interested, visit Staff Events for details and to book a place.  

If you have any further queries please contact John Trantom

Local Running Events 

Every year, in Liverpool and surrounding areas, there are many externally organised races, which provide experienced runners the opportunity to maintain fitness and stamina levels, as well as encouraging people to take up running for the first time.

Below are a number of race organisers. Visit their websites for further information and to sign up for upcoming races:


New for 2023
We will have a limited number of free places available for local running events, which will be communicated throughout the year and available to book via Staff Events


Parkrun is initiated and organised by the community and delivered by great teams of passionate, dedicated volunteers. Events are free to take part in and are held every week on a Saturday morning, starting at 9am in England and Wales. They take place on a 5k single or multi-lap course and are open to everyone from the age of four, and of all abilities, from first timers to professionals, juniors to seniors.

The events are welcoming and friendly. It’s a run not a race! There is no pressure to run continuously for the whole distance, and you can always walk if you want to. The events are timed, and whilst some people love to try and improve their personal best time, participation should ultimately be for fun, and enjoyment the number one priority.

There are lots of events taking place in Liverpool and the Wirral. More information is available on the parkrun website.

GoodGym Liverpool

GoodGym is an initiative that combines wellbeing and civic engagement. Essentially GoodGym aim to gather together a group of 15-30 people for physical activity and do a good deed in the community.

Participants gather at an agreed meeting point, run to a site where they will help out e.g. a local park to do a litter pick, work for 40 minutes to one hour, then run back to their meeting point. They achieve a great deal in a short time due to numbers involved and the fact that they give themselves a set timescale.

More information is available on the GoodGym Liverpool website

Couch to 5k

You might not feel like a runner, in fact, you might not have been for a run since you were at school – it doesn't matter! Couch to 5k groups start off at a walking pace, gradually building up to small amounts of jogging and running each week until you feel ready to try 5k at the end of the programme.

More information is available on the Couch to 5k website.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Staff can use the Vivup EAP service to speak to a trained counsellor 24/7, 365 days a year. To access the support line, call 0330 380 0658 and mention you are LJMU staff or visit the website.