Registry Services for students

LJMU is committed to providing first-class support to students and to responding to student feedback. We now offer most of our services via the MyLJMU portal where you can find our forms and requests, meaning that you don’t have to make a special trip into University to complete essential administrative processes; you can do most things online. If you have a piece of coursework to submit or have an assessment query, you can call into your School or Faculty Office.

Student ID cards

New students

New students can see details of how to obtain a student ID card.

You must have uploaded a photo via MyPhoto.

If you have recently enrolled and not received an LJMU Student ID card please email with “Student ID Card” as the subject and include your name, student ID number and postal address in the email. Alternatively you can telephone 0151 231 3289 for more information.

Returning students

Returning students who need an ID card can obtain a replacement via My LJMU

Please note
Replacement cards will not be posted. Once you have completed the request a new card will be produced for you at a Library Hub.

Induction and timetables

You will find your induction timetable at My LJMU in the My Timetable area which will be available during the middle of August. 

General timetables will be available after you have completed registration and your modules have been added to you student record. 

Where available, students will have access to personalised timetables - please check the timetable pages to see if you are due to receive a personalised timetable on your course.

If you have any queries about your timetable, or you are having difficulties signing in to My Timetable you can access our timetable pages for help and advice. Hopefully this will help to address any questions you may have. If you're still having difficulties please use the student enquiry form 

As an LJMU student you are expected to attend all of your timetabled sessions.


Registry Services

Support is available by calling 0151 231 3289 or by completing a student enquiry form, where staff will be able to advise you on the following:

  • student registration and enrolment
  • checking module registration
  • change of circumstances, for example leave of absence or withdrawal
  • tuition fees and fee payment
  • student bursaries
  • information on submitting personal circumstance claims
  • council tax exemption certificate
  • standard letters (for opening bank accounts, gym membership or visas if you are an international student)
  • your student record and amending personal data


Our Awards team are available by calling 0151 231 3516 or by completing a student enquiry form for the following:

  • graduation
  • certificates and awards
  • examinations

If you have already completed your studies you will need to contact us via email: