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Khalid Abbas

Liverpool Business School

Faculty of Business and Law

Journal article

Wen B, Foster S, Abbass K. 2023. How do small family businesses enhance workplace learning? From knowledge sharing and hiding perspectives International Journal of HRD Practices , Policy and Research, 7 :2-98 Publisher Url Public Url

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Abbas KM, Wen B. 2023. How Do Various Social Media Platforms Influence Chinese Tourists' Destination Selections?: From Information Searching and Sharing Perspectives Digital Entrepreneurship and Co-creating Value Through Digital Encounters :218-244 Business Science Reference 9781668474167 DOI Publisher Url

Conference publication

Wen B, Foster S, Abbas K. 2022. Exploring Knowledge-Hiding Methods and Reasons in a Small Chinese Family Business Centobelli ROBERTO. Proceedings of the 23rd European Conference on Knowledge Management, 23rd European Conference on Knowledge Management 23 :1375-1383 DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

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