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Dr John Abernethy

School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Science

My interests are in how environmental change influences the ecology, behaviour and conservation of species and how they adapt to such change. I completed my PhD at Liverpool John Moores University where I conducted research into the influence of forest structure upon orangutan nest ecology and densities in the lowland forests of North Sumatra. Much of the focus of my career and education has been upon field biology and conservation having conducted field research and field courses in the UK, South Africa, Kenya, Borneo, Sumatra and Peru. I have worked in industry as well as academia having worked as an ecological consultant with The Environment Partnership and in international conservation during my role with Chester Zoo and the IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group. This experience I hope to bring to my teaching and to be able to support students with career advice for working in these fields.


Chinese (Mandarin)
Spanish; Castilian


2019, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD in Physical and Biological Anthropology
2013, University of Exeter, United Kingdom, MSc in Applied Ecology
2012, University of Glamorgan, United Kingdom, BSc (Hons) International Wildlife Biology


2019, Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, United Kingdom, Field Identification Skills Certificate

Academic appointments

Lecturer in Marine Ecology, Natural Sciences and Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University, 2020 - present


Abernethy J. 2019. The Influence of Forest Structure on Sumatran Orangutan Nesting and Densities in the Lowland Dipterocarp Forests of North Sumatra Wich S, Koyama N, Nowak M. Public Url

Journal article

Borzée A, Angulo A, Meredith H, Taguchi Y, Groffen J, Kohler DB, Abernethy JPD, Othman SN, Messenger K, Heo K, Wan L, Um TE, Zhang X, Shin Y, Bae Y, Wang Z, Qiu Z, Pearce R. Protecting Japanese giant salamanders (Andrias japonicus) in the Nawa River Basin, Japan: policy recommendations addressing water pollution and waterway disruption Frontiers in Amphibian and Reptile Science, 2 DOI Publisher Url