Clearing FAQs and next steps

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you through the Clearing and Confirmation processes.


What is Clearing?

When is Clearing?

How do I apply through Clearing?

Do entry requirements change during Clearing?

Can I apply through Clearing?

Do I need to have a UCAS application to get a place in Clearing?

What happens when I get an offer in Clearing?

How do I accept my Clearing offer?

Will I be able to get student accommodation as a late applicant?

Help, I can't make a decision


What is Confirmation?

Appeals process

You've got your place – what's next?

Next steps for late applicants

Don't worry if you’re making a late application through Clearing or Adjustment – we're here to provide support and guidance about some of the next steps you need to take.

Check out the FAQ below to find out what you need to do now that you've gained a place at LJMU.

Faq Items

How do I apply for student finance?

How do I register as a student?

How do I request accommodation?

What happens during Induction Week?

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