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Vice-Chancellor PhD Studentship 2025 application form

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LJMU is now advertising its PhD VC Studentship scheme and this page should be used to help you prepare and submit your application.  We are looking for exceptionally qualified and motivated PhD students to join us here in Liverpool. 

Please read Guidance for potential VC PhD Studentship applicants and Directions, Eligibility and Support carefully before beginning your application.

It is good practice to have had significant communications with your supervisor before completion of the application.

Please note each segment of this application will become accessible after completing the preceding screen.

VC PhD Studentship Application Form

We understand that completing an application can take time, and we want to make sure you have the flexibility to save your progress and return to it later.

To ensure your progress is saved, please provide us with your email address. We'll send you a unique link that will allow you to access your application if you close this window.

Please make sure that you have only one window or tab of the application form open at a time. Multiple windows or tabs can result in data not being saved properly, or conflicting information being submitted.

Please provide details of the lead supervisor, for them to be notified of the application. Please enter the lead supervisor's details accurately, as this information cannot be changed mid-application.

Supervisory Team

Please provide details of the supervisory team

You may add up to 4 LJMU and non-LJMU member(s)* of the Supervisory Team

*(must include at least 1 member from LJMU)

No supervisors have been added yet.

downloadable template is available but please note the final application must be submitted via the online portal.

For further advice please contact VCStudentship@ljmu.ac.uk

How we handle your data

We will use the information in this form to process and respond to your request and to comply with our legal obligations.

For further information as to how we handle your data, please see the  Information Compliance Privacy Notice.