LJMU experts to present at national Inspiring Engineering Excellence Conference

Two academics from LJMU’s School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment have been invited to present at the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) Inspiring Engineering Excellence Conference 2024, taking place in London in May.  

Professor Monower Sadique and Dr Iacopo Carnacina will share insights into their research around the viability and development of sustainable, cement-free concrete for use in coastal defences.

Professor Sadique and Dr Carnacina won funding from ICE’s prestigious Research and Development Enabling Fund in 2022 which enabled them to conduct fundamental research on decarbonizing coastal protection globally.

The main motivation behind this project was to develop technologically feasible and economically viable coastal protective structures utilising cement-free Geopolymer concrete containing recycled aggregates. The creation of such a material would support the reduction of emissions and provide a cheaper alternative to conventional concrete while keeping engineering safety at the forefront of the project ensuring that new infrastructure wouldn’t compromise the safety when working with bodies of water.

After submitting the final project to ICE, the team has been invited to conference to take part in the Pecha Kucha talks: Innovative solutions to industry challenges.

This year’s conference focuses on excellence in productivity and decarbonisation. It will show how infrastructure professionals are effecting positive changes and responding to the need for a more transparent culture.


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