Sport and Exercise science awarded Royal Charter

BASES, the professional body of sport set up by pioneers of sport science at LJMU, has been awarded a Royal Charter.

The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK. Its origins in the 1980s owed much to Professor Tom Reilly, while its current chair is Professor Zoe Knowles.

Today its members span academia, practitioners and professional sport, while BASES accredits sport and exercise science degrees at 58 universities.

The Royal Charter was granted in recognition of BASES’ quality and status as the pre-eminent body for the discipline of sport and exercise science in the UK. The issue of a Royal Charter is also significant for the discipline of sport and exercise science, recognising it as a distinct, important and of significant public value.

BASES’ Chair, Professor Zoe Knowles, the first ever female chair, said: “I am extremely proud that BASES has received this level of recognition. I want to pay special tribute to all those who have given their time and effort over the past 30 years to develop BASES into the organisation it is today, without whose vision and persistence this could not have been achieved.

“In an Olympic year when sport is at the forefront of everyone’s mind along with the importance the role of exercise and physical activity across the life course, it feels fitting that the contribution of sport and exercise science to our national life is being recognised in this way. I’m excited about the future, and I look forward to celebrating with our members and partners and working with them to continue to drive development of our association and our profession.”

LJMU’s School of Sport and Exercise Sciences was the first institution in the world to host a single honours degree programme in sport science back in 1975 and to offer a single honours degree programme in science and football in 1998. The school continues to be at the forefront of development and innovation in sport and exercise sciences. 

In 2025, the school celebrates its 50th year of success.


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