The importance of seeking support during your studies

Final year Sociology student Lucy reflects on her time at LJMU, the support available for new and current students, plus how to reach out.

As a Sociology student in my final year at university I have had time to reflect on the challenges I have faced on my academic journey and identify the support which has been most beneficial for me and my achievement.

Throughout my time at LJMU, I have developed interests in queer theory, body politics and feminism – with this I am doing a literature-based dissertation on OnlyFans and sex work.

University has been a very challenging, yet rewarding experience which I will forever be grateful for. However, the first few months into this journey can be terrifying. The transition from college or a gap year into university can often feel like the biggest, most unachievable leap and these feelings are difficult to navigate alone. At times like these it is essential for you to reach out for support, I personally would not have been able to carry on at university without the support of the Sociology programme leaders.

Within my first few months of university, I felt like I wanted drop out, the goals I had set for myself and the assignments I had been given felt totally impossible. Attempting to balance a new city, new people, a new job and new writing styles was wearing me down. I felt so disheartened that an experience that everyone had advertised as the best years of your life was overwhelming me to such a great extent. Fortunately, there is such a great support network within the John Moores campus, and my first point of call was an online meeting with my personal tutor.

From this I felt like I had overcome a huge barrier, I was signposted to Academic Achievement to help me grasp Harvard referencing and refine my academic writing style and as a result I noticed an incredible difference in the grades I was achieving. As well as this, I was offered the choice to speak with the Student Advice and Wellbeing services who provide support for various issues. Both of which were crucial in alleviating the initial anxiety I felt towards university.

I think it is so beneficial to be aware of the support that is available to all students, and I am so appreciative to the staff within the Sociology course who have guided me past these initial hurdles and supported me in gaining the confidence I needed to pursue my academic career in Sociology. From my experience, all the staff are fully invested in ensuring all students are pushed to achieve to the highest standard whilst maintaining student wellbeing. Whether this be through informal conversations in the corridor or thoughtful emails to check on student welfare, it does not go unnoticed and serves as essential encouragement during times of uncertainty. Graduating with a degree is not the only thing to be gained from the Sociology course, but a sense of belonging and guidance from the faculty contribute immensely to the student experience. 

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