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Dr Elizabeth Peatfield

School of Justice Studies

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

Dr Elizabeth-Jane Peatfield is a Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice at Liverpool John Moores University.

Leaving home at 15 during the 80s in Liverpool she had no access to education and struggled with poverty and social exclusion.
Working as a bouncer for over 20 years she returned to education as a mature student and her working class background has influenced her work which focuses on the phenomenon of identity and shifting master status.

Her current status as a Criminal Court Justice has also influenced her research in which she examines the effect, of the lack of access to legal aid in the lower courts and the effects on Duty solicitors regarding their perceptions of equity in justice.

Her new book explores the criminal justice system in England and Wales and provers real life case examples to critique how justice should be according to policy and how justice is in the real world and the related challenges. [Critical Justice: Deconstructing Justice in the 21st century]

Dr Peatfield created the Forensic Psychology and Policing Degree at LJMU and was instrumental in the creation of the LJMU Foundation in Justice Studies and Social Sciences which she leads as well as leading on many other modules throughout the school.

She is a multiple award winner, with awards such as The Merseyside Women of the Year, The Kirsty Raynor award for Academic Excellence and Rising Star Award for teaching amongst others.

Latest Publication
2021 Peatfield, E.J (2022) Policing and Non-Verbal Communication, In Corteen, K., Steele, R., Cross, N. and McManus, M. (eds.) Forensic Psychology, Crime and Policing: Key Concepts and Practical Debates. Bristol: Policy Press


2017, The University of Liverpool, England, PhD
University of Liverpool, England, Masters of Arts with merit
University of Liverpool, England, Bachelor of Arts with honors Psychology and Criminology


2021, Bristol University, England, Decolonising the Curriculum
2020, LJMU, United Kingdom, Governance and Ethics Training
Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PG Cert in Higher Education

Academic appointments

Program Leader Forensic Psychology and Policing, LJMU, LJMU, 2017 - 2018
Program Leader Law and Social Sciences Foundation Program, LJMU, L, 2016 - present

Postgraduate training

Pg Cert, United Kingdom, LJMU, 2018 - 2019


Peatfield E. 2023. policing and non-verbal communication Forensic Psychology, Crime and Policing Key Concepts and Practical Debates Policy Press 9781447359401

Journal article

Mythen G, Walklate S, Peatfield E-J. 2017. Assembling and deconstructing radicalisation in PREVENT: A case of policy-based evidence making? CRITICAL SOCIAL POLICY, 37 :180-201 DOI Author Url Publisher Url


Peatfield EJ. Race and Radicalisation: Examining the perceptions of counter-radicalisation policy amongst minority groups in Liverpool 8 and 24 Mythen G, Walklate S.

Teaching qualification:

Governance and Ethics Training. 2020

PG Cert. 2019

Editorial boards:

Onati Socio-Legal Series 9 ISSN: 2079-5971), Reviewer, 2020