Creating operational benefits and service improvements in an NHS Trust through leadership development

A Senior Leaders Development Programme (SLDP) was designed and delivered by Liverpool Business School for an NHS Trust. The SLDP is based on the LBS Integrated Model of Leadership Development informed by critical reflection, questioning insight and collaborative ways of working.

Impact on the Liverpool City Region

Delivering the programme to senior staff at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Trusts and the Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the impact extended beyond the 75 members of staff who participated, with localised improvements made to individual professional practice and the effectiveness of team working within the Trust. Notable improvements to the experience of service users and patient care across the Trust, including improvements to waiting times for ophthalmology appointments (92% from 69%) seen within 10 weeks), a reduction in waiting times for blood test results for patients in the Emergency and Urgent Care department (from 120 to 60 minutes) and the establishment of a new community-based heart service and tuberculosis (TB) testing clinic for arriving migrants.

Overall, staff reported greater autonomy over decision making, improved personal and team leadership, reduced waiting time target penalties, reduced waiting times and improved patient experience and health.

“Our medics, nurses and managers found the Senior Leaders programme extremely useful’, helping them to gain a better understanding of the wider external picture of Trust merger”- Executive Director of Workforce, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Trusts.

LJMU Academics

Dr Aileen Lawless

Dr Johan Coetsee

Professor Jim Stewart

Dr Hannah Wilson

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