Driving transformation in player tracking technology

Research undertaken by the Football Exchange (FEx) includes match and training analysis and key aspects of player preparation and recovery. This research has provided an evidence-base for elite clubs, national associations and international governing bodies, resulting in new models for their professional practice that have enhanced player and team development from an economic, health and performance perspective.

Our support for the global industry’s first digital knowledge exchange platform Aspire in the World enables elite clubs and national associations from over 30 countries to share practice on elite player development (~190k hits to date).

Furthermore, a new framework to evaluate player training status has contributed to a significant reduction in player injury at an elite football club, while nutrition policy and practice guidelines are supporting player development from adolescents to adult professionals.

Impact on the Liverpool City Region

Providing advice and consultancy to local teams Liverpool FC and Everton FC underpinning the fitness and wellbeing of players at all levels of the clubs.

“This research has influenced our coaching practice and significantly raised the importance of nutrition amongst our players, coaches and wider performance staff”. - Head of Academy Sports Science, Everton Football Club

LJMU Academics

Dr Martin Littlewood

Professor Warren Gregson

Professor James Morton

Professor Graeme Close

Dr Alistair McRobert

Professor Barry Drust

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