Low Carbon Solutions

The Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies (BEST) Research Institute has applied carbon reduction technologies to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) via two projects: Low Carbon Innovation Hub (LCIH) and Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory (LCEI).

Impact on the Liverpool City Region

Working with LCR, dozens of organisations based on Merseyside have received academic-research support on energy from waste, waste management, low carbon planning, sustainable asset and energy efficiency management, and renewable energy.

The LCIH has assisted 52 SMEs and led to the generation of 42 additional jobs, safeguarded 30 jobs, and generated an additional £1.76m p.a. in GVA for the economy. The LCEI has assisted 164 enterprises, 52 new-to-the-firm products, and saved 10,081 tonnes of CO2 from 2016-2019. Additionally the plant scale installation of a microwave treatment solution for enhanced bio gas production from pig slurry (BiowaveTM) has increased gas yield by 40% and reduced CO2 equivalent output of the farm by 37% per year.

In sum, over a three year period, the project equates to £5.3m, providing an excellent £9.50 return for every £1 invested from public funds.

LJMU Academics

Professor Andy Shaw

Dr Steve Wylie

Professor Patryk Kot

Dr Laurence Brady

Dr Mawada Abdellatif

Dr Muhammad Ateeq

Prof Ahmed Al-Shamma’a

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