Smart Energy, Smart Care

This research used smart meters to monitor and support dementia patients at home, with the world’s first clinical trial and endorsement by the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy and Smart Energy GB. 

The technology assists people living with dementia, helping them to remain independent at home, monitored by the non-invasive technology.  Families and clinicians can assess patient wellbeing in real time in a supportive and cost-effective way. 

The work, led by artificial intelligence experts Professor Paul Fergus and Dr Carl Chalmers, generated five policy documents, supported four spin-out companies, and influenced the updates of meter technology to support the delivery of healthcare services.

Impact on the Liverpool City Region

Partner the MerseyCare NHS Foundation Trust recognised the value and impact of this technology for its ability to reduce reliance on the care system and the NHS, where approximately 25% of hospital beds are occupied by people with dementia.  Enabling people to stay at home will have a significant benefit reducing carer burnout and lowering costs.

“Involving people living with dementia and specialist dementia clinicians from the outset, rather than when the technology has already been developed, has been a refreshing, welcome and more productive way of joint working between NHS and academia with improved impact, credibility and future adoption” - Head of Research, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

LJMU Academics

Prof Paul Fergus

Dr Carl Chalmers

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