Benefits to working with Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory

How your business can benefit from working with us

We will provide your company with unbiased specialist advice, reports and product testing as well as PhD, Masters and student projects that can all significantly benefit your business financially as well as environmentally.

The support we offer can result in a range of tangible benefits to your company:

Increased profitability

We help to increase your profitability with the development of new and improved products; commercialisation of products and services; winning tenders; increasing economic activity and effective low carbon planning that identifies and reduces risk.

Increased knowledge

We provide you with an increased knowledge of low carbon issues, energy management and carbon finance and identify the resultant impact on your annual profit and loss.

Increased competitive advantage

We facilitate access to high value, commercially viable systems and toolkits that will lead to new products, processes and markets linked to the low carbon agenda.

Access to university resources

Working as a collaborative partnership between Liverpool John Moores University, University of Liverpool and Lancaster University, our combined resources will provide the expertise you need to progress your ideas through cutting edge R&D and innovation schemes.

Information sharing

We provide information on emerging global opportunities, markets and trends matched to your expertise and university resources. We will also look to generate peer reviewed research papers in international journals, promoting the collaboration within the Liverpool City Region and demonstrating world-class research.

Access to specialist funding

We can identify current and future funding opportunities for your company, including Innovate UK and EU Horizon 2020 programmes related to research.

Eligibility for support

The Project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. In most cases the business assistance is free and includes all initial reports and advice. If your company then wishes to pursue the recommendations this will be at your cost. PhDs are supplemented by the Project and require a contribution.

Companies will need to meet the following European Regional Development Fund guidelines:

  1. Be considered an SME (a small or medium-sized business of up to 250 employees). See the Official Definition of an SME guide provided by the European Commission
  2. Have an annual turnover not exceeding 50 million euro, and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding 43 million euro
  3. Based in the Liverpool City Region. You can check your postcode to ensure your business is eligible

Next steps

If your company is interested in taking up this opportunity please contact us and a member of the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory team will be happy explore with you how we can help your business.

We are also developing a series of workshops that help educate businesses on the overall benefits and procedures to address carbon issues and economic activity. To find out more about these workshops and how to get involved, please get in touch with us. Make sure you follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for all the latest news and events.

For further information on other ERDF projects in the Liverpool City Region please see the Local Growth Hub website.