Public Health Institute

Providing a supportive and inclusive environment for population and public health research

Our work combines public health, psychology, nursing, and other disciplines across the Faculty of Health in a population and public health research agenda.

Population and public health research is an interdisciplinary field that aims to understand how and why health and wellbeing differs within and between different groups of individuals and communities. This includes groups defined by their contact with health care and their health care needs as well as those associated with social, environmental and community characteristics.

The Public Health Institute is a virtual institute that provides a platform for pan-faculty research activities and collaborations under the population and public health agenda. The Institute is committed to engaging staff across the Faculty of Health in impactful, connected population and public health research and knowledge exchange that promotes societal change.

The Institute’s aims are currently under development as membership is expanded under a broader population health agenda. The website will be updated as key themes and activities of the Institute are established.