Reimagining the Veteran

Reimagining the Veteran: Pedagogy, Policy and Arts

About the research:

Reimagining the Veteran addresses the problems of war in the 21st century, with a focus on the lived experiences of those whom have been deployed to conflict zones. Starting from the premise that experiences of conflict require new forms of thinking and analysis, our research adopts innovative and novel narrative, visual and sensual methods to critically engage with war with a focus upon justice, rights, and welfare from the margins. For example, projects use innovative co-design models and participatory-based approaches to engage with communities who have experienced conflict and post-conflict environments before employing interdisciplinary analytical techniques. This unique approach empowers communities through creative methods with an aim to effect pedagogy and policy.

Project 1: Reimagining the Veteran Interviews

This project is a call to take seriously the voices and lived experiences of veterans through the myriad of problems veterans face. The group is dedicated to multi-disciplinary forms of engagement and seeks to bring together academics, the arts, policymakers and advocates with veteran communities.

It includes:

  • intellectual engagement
  • cultural engagement
  • policy engagement
Project 2: To Serve

Drawing on post-production models of practice, Dr Emma Murray worked alongside artists, who had been commissioned by FACT, to explore how academics can extend or expand the life of an artwork. By asking new questions of art co-produced with veterans in prison, and how these artworks can and should inform debates in social science and policy about the experiences of veterans in custody.

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