Entry requirements

The following requirements are a guide only and can differ depending on your course of study and your own personal experience.


High School Diploma with a Minimum GPA 3.0 plus one of the following:

  • ACT with a score of 24.
  • 2 APs with a grade of 3 or above – subject requirements stipulate (for example Physics and/or Maths for Engineering.
  • International SAT Score 1100 (old SAT1) Subject tests and APs are interchangeable.

Students who do not meet these requirement we can consider them for the Degree with Foundation option and entry requirements for these programmes are:

High School Diploma including English and Math at grade 12 and one of the following:

  • ACT with 20 or above

  • 1 AP with a score of 4

Where standardised tests have not been accessible, we may consider strong academic performance in AP or Honours classes as detailed on your high school transcript. All applicants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Applicants require a 4 year Bachelors Degree with a minimum CGPA: 2.5/4.0 (equivalent to 2:2) or 3.0/4.0 (equivalent to 2:1) For SCS Programmes a GPA of 3.3 is required for programs that require a 2:1.

If you require further information, please get in touch with us.

Financial aid

Please see our Information on US Federal Loans and more section for details about federal and private loans, cost of attendance etc.

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