School of Computer Science and Mathematics

The support you will receive is second to none! You will learn to think as a computer scientist and mathematician and gain the skills and experience you need to take you to the next stage in your career.

The School of Computer Science and Mathematics is dedicated to producing research that has real-world application, boasting specialisms in immersive technologies, applications of artificial intelligence, trustworthy computing technologies and data science.

Our academics have a strong track record of collaborating with others in the industry, having previously used our expertise to work with organisations such as the BBC, NHS, Panasonic and EPSRC amongst many others. The School also works with local, regional and national organisations through student placement, research, consultancy, short-course activity and has a number of active knowledge transfer partnerships.

Students are firmly at the heart of everything we do, which is why our undergraduate Computer Science and Mathematics programmes are ranked 4th in the North West (Complete University Guide 2023).

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Our specialities and research

In the Research Excellence Framework 2021 we submitted to the Unit of Assessment 11, Computer Science and Informatics. 80% of our research outputs (or publications) and 75% of our research impact within this unit were rated as being world leading or internationally excellent.

Computer Science

Although Computer Science specialises in a variety of research areas, it is specifically interested in the following specialisms:

  • Network and information security
  • Networking and Distributed Systems
  • Computer games technology
  • Applied computing
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • e-Healthcare

Our academics have created impressive research outputs and have secured high levels of external funding, including £7.8m UK government grants for Liverpool 5G Project, €13.9 million European Union funding for our work with Aniketos and €2.6 million for our work with the What to do With the Wi-Fi Wild West (Wi-5) project.

Our research community is also involved in various international research conferences, such as the IEEE and ACM conferences.


Our research specialisms include machine learning, mathematical biology and data science. Ensuring our research has real-world application is a fundamental priority for all our work.

Our commitment to producing high-impact research can be seen from our brain tumour research. As a result of this work, clinicians in Barcelona are using mathematics to see how quickly tumours have developed and how fast they might grow. Mathematics is also being used to indicate survival rates once the tumour has been removed. This work was funded by a Marie Cure Fellowship, the European Network of Excellence and was developed in collaborating with the Christie Hospital and Clatterbridge Hospital.

Researchers from Mathematics have also been working with members from the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences. Working in collaboration, the researchers from these two areas examined performance analysis and performance intelligence in football games and in player rating models.

This work has had numerous benefits. It has been used, for example, to stratify players in terms of their non-contact injury risk. This helps inform coaches about what adjustments should be made to a player’s training regime. The research has also provided better quantitative analysis of playing style. This information has then been used to improve tactical planning.

To enhance our research, the School works with local, regional and national industries through consultancy and knowledge transfer partnerships. Recently the School has collaborated with the University of Valencia, Whiston NHS Trust and Public Health England.

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