How the Faculty of Engineering and Technology works with industry

As a modern civic university, LJMU is delivering solutions to overcome the challenges of the 21st Century. Here are just some ways the Faculty of Engineering and Technology are supporting this objective.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology's collaboration with local, national and international industrial partners is critical in fulfilling the University’s core mission to serve “its people and communities, at home and further afield; enriching the lives of those they work with and acting as an anchor institution in the City of Liverpool”.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) has set up a dedicated departmental resource as part of LJMU's strategy and mission. This plays a unique role in fusing industry and academia together to promote value-added engagement and help strengthen the culture of innovation within the University and the Liverpool City Region.

The projects contained within the Faculty bridge across a number of technology areas, with renowned expertise in digital technologies and low carbon solutions. The projects unite in their technology-focused approach of helping solve the challenges facing industry - transferring cutting edge technologies, solutions and know-how from LJMU’s highly experienced innovations teams and academics to the businesses they support.

The dedicated delivery teams consist of experts across cutting edge technology, skills, funding, investment, commercialisation and the adoption of new technologies, complemented by the knowledge that lies in FET, with access to over 200 active academic staff and researchers, and world class advanced technology facilities.

This valuable resource supports industrial collaboration to ensure maximum impact for our industrial colleagues whilst supporting the vision of developing talented graduates as part of the workforce of the future.

Other ways we can work with you

Access and facilities

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Our projects


Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory - creating a low carbon economy in the Liverpool City Region

Some of our past projects

Digital Innovation (LCR 4.0, LCR 4.0 Start, LCR 4.0 Holistic, CW 4.0)

Clean Growth UK - we're driving clean and green business innovation

LoCal-I - working with businesses to create low carbon goods, processes and services

Liverpool Immersive Experience Lab - we can help with your usability research

Eco-I NW - Supporting a low carbon economy and a green recovery in the North West

Maritime Super Skills

Digital Innovation case studies

LCR 4.0

LCR 4.0 Holistic

CW 4.0