History At LJMU

A programme that puts students first

"The staff provide the most amazing support and encourage you to challenge yourself and achieve the best you can"

                                                                           - Melissa Brockleshurst, LJMU History Graduate

"There are so many uncertainties at the moment.....the staff at @LJMUHistory and @JMUEnglish are amazing and will support you every step of the way"

                                                         - Lynn Lundy, LJMU History and English Literature Student

Specialising in modern history, the LJMU History department offers a range of modules that uncover the complex pasts of a fascinating world, covering everything from the histories of empires, to slavery and civil rights in the United States, Europe and its wars, the cities of the Victorian age, terrorism and insurgency, the decolonisation of Africa, as well as the histories of Ireland, Latin America, and the Middle East. Via lectures, seminars, workshops and fields trips, our programme delivers students a comprehensive education in the social, political and cultural aspects of the past, with the aim to better understand the present.

LJMU History currently holds a 93% satisfaction rate for teaching in the National Student Survey (2023), 92% satisfaction for academic support and 90% satisfaction for teaching and learning resources. These outstanding results reflect our commitment to providing a high quality learning experience for our students, in which we deliver modules that bring history to life.

Why study History at LJMU?

From small-class seminars at Level 4, to international fieldwork excursions at Level 5, a Dissertation Conference at Level 6 and applied study to public history and museums at Masters Level, LJMU History offers its students a multi-faceted learning experience both on and off campus.

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