UK bank accounts

When you arrive in the UK you will need to set up a bank account.

It is likely that you will be offered a basic account when you set up a bank account in the UK. A basic bank account will let you:

  • pay money into your account
  • withdraw your money from a cash point (ATM)
  • pay bills by standing order or by direct debit

You won’t be able to get credit or an overdraft with this type of bank account.

What will I need to open a bank account?

To open a bank account, you will need:

  • identification (ID), normally in the form of a passport
  • verification of your UK and home address
  • evidence of your student status. You can get a letter from the Student Admin Centre in your Liverpool John Moores University library and use this letter as evidence.

Please check with your bank about the documentation they need to open your account.

For more details, please visit the British Bankers’ Association website.

Sharia principles

If you would like to open a bank account in accordance with Sharia principles, then you can check the banks’ websites. Some mainstream banks also offer accounts that meet these principles and there are a few specialist banks that operate in accordance with them.

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