Accommodation frequently asked questions

Help with making your decision

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Moving into a new place is a significant step for anyone, especially if it’s your first time away from home. You’re bound to have lots of questions, so we’ve put together responses to some of the most common queries below – if you don’t see the answer to yours here get in touch and the team will be happy to help.

Making your choice

I am a new student at LJMU – am I guaranteed accommodation?

Does LJMU offer any catered accommodation?

Where should I live?

Who will I live with?

Making your choice

Can I live with my friend(s)?

Do you offer studios?

Can I bring a pet?

Can I smoke in my accommodation?

Can I visit any of the accommodation sites before making my choice?

I have seen information about other student accommodation in Liverpool that is not listed on your website, can I book it? 

Requesting accommodation

How and when do I request accommodation?

'Book My Accommodation’ says ‘Closed’ – what do I do?

What happens after I submit my accommodation request?

How can I cancel or change the accommodation that I requested?

Does LJMU only reserve rooms for students with unconditional offers?

I have a conditional offer, so what happens if I don't meet the terms of that offer?

What happens if I book a room and I meet the terms of my offer but I change my mind about coming to LJMU or about going into accommodation?

When I completed my UCAS application form I indicated that I planned to live at home but I have changed my mind – is that a problem?

When I applied for my student finance I stated that I would live at home but I have changed my mind – is that a problem?

Will I need a guarantor? Who should that be?

What will I need to do to secure my booking?

I intend to make LJMU my insurance choice university, should I request accommodation?

I will be on holiday/travelling during the summer, how do I secure my accommodation?

I have been asked to attend an interview or audition, how and when can I request accommodation?

I intend to come to LJMU for a Foundation course, am I able to request accommodation for my first year of study in Liverpool?

I am currently doing a Foundation year. Am I able to request a room from the LJMU Accommodation Office for my next year of study in Liverpool?

I am going to be studying a Degree Apprenticeship course. Can I request a room in halls from the LJMU Accommodation Office?

Money matters

How do I pay my rent?

Are utility bills included in rental charges?

What happens to my deposit?

Will I need a TV Licence?

Will I need to pay Council Tax?

Will I require insurance?

What to expect

Can friends visit and/or stay over?

If I have a problem with my accommodation or flat mates, who can I contact?

Who do I talk to if I feel lonely or miss home?

Do I have to move out over the Christmas or Easter holidays?

Can I stay in the city-centre Hall accommodation after my first year?

Arriving at university

When should I arrive in Liverpool?

What do I need to bring?

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