Exchange students

A new home in a new country

Every year students from around the world find a welcoming home at LJMU.

Exchange students on a variety of programmes come to study at LJMU and have the same wide range of accommodation options as UK students.

Search our approved accommodation

Full year exchange students

If you’re an exchange student and you intend to come to LJMU for the whole academic year you can search for accommodation and request rooms using the same process as other students.

Alternatively if you would prefer to live in private accommodation you can find out more about houses and flats from the Liverpool Student Homes website - the official Liverpool universities private accommodation service.

Please note
Non-UK students are usually required to pay for student accommodation in full and in advance of arriving in Liverpool unless they can provide details of a valid (UK resident) guarantor.

For further information about guarantors, please see the relevant section of the FAQ pages.

Single semester exchange students

If you are an exchange student intending to come to LJMU for one semester only, you are not eligible to request accommodation using the normal process.

Please see the information about the available single semester accommodation for the forthcoming year.

This accommodation is also available to any current LJMU students who intend to study abroad and therefore only require accommodation for one semester.