Your study and assessment

There is a lot of information around  and making sure you understand the key information can sometimes be a little daunting.

On this page, we provide details about what your course or programme of study might look like, and what you can expect around assessment activity. There are also some videos explaining some key information as well. In particular, the videos explaining the Personal Circumstances Policy should help you if you require additional information or support when you are undertaking assessments.

Download The Student Guide to Assessment at LJMU (PDF, 2.12MB)

Video resources

What is my course?

Are there any rules about assessment that I need to be aware?

What is my course at LJMU and what does it look like?

How will I be assessed on my course?

What do I need to pass a module?


What do I do if I think I cannot meet my assessment deadline?

How long can I ask for an extension for?

Will I lose any marks by requesting an extension?

When do I need to submit my extension request?

What happens if I do not submit an extension request before the deadline? Will it still be accepted?

What if I submit my work late without an approved extension request?

Personal Circumstances - Non Attempt at Assessment

What can I do if I cannot complete an assessment by the deadline, even if this is an approved extension deadline?

When do I need to submit the request?

What does a non attempt request and a much later deadline actually mean to me?

What type of evidence may be required?

Will I lose any marks by requesting a non attempt (deferral)?

What happens if I submit a non attempt request but then submit my assessment anyway?

What if I submit my request for a non attempt late?


Can I leave the examination early?

Do I need to bring my student card to the exam?

I have extra time in the main venue - where should I sit?

Can I keep my mobile phone or smart watch on me during the exam?

Will all my exams take place in the same building or rooms where teaching takes place?

What happens if I am ill or experience a bereavement and cannot attend my exam?


What happens if I’ve nearly passed a module?

What are the criteria that I need to achieve for this to happen?

Will my mark change if I am given compensation?

When will the compensation be given?

Do I have to accept the compensation?


When is my graduation ceremony?

I am unable to attend my graduation ceremony. Can I attend another date?

I have outstanding assessments – how does this impact my graduation ceremony?

When will I receive my certificate?

Can I attend graduation if I have outstanding tuition fees?