Public Health masters courses

A flexible way for you to gain a Masters degree, Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma.

These programmes are part of the framework of the Public Health or Public Health (Addictions) degrees.

The growing concern over the cost of curative health services, the problem of people living longer with chronic disease and the increase in health risk behaviours means that the need for public health strategies is greater than ever. By studying these courses you can gain the specialist knowledge required to develop and succeed in your career in public health.

The masters courses are modular based and worth 180 credits at Level 7. Modules are worth a number of different credits ranging from 10 to 60. Some modules are available as standalone programmes which allow you to build up your portfolio of learning and credits around your own personal circumstances.

Please note
Applicants are usually expected to have a degree in a health or social science subject, though equivalent professional qualifications and experience will also be considered. 

Public Health masters CPD courses we offer

The Public Health and Public Health (Addictions) degrees through CPD pathways offer the following:

  • Flexibility: the degree can be completed over two to five years
  • Expertise: you'll be taught by experts in the internationally-acclaimed Public Health Institute