Teaching and Learning Academy

Enhancing the student learning experience and developing opportunities for staff

They say that no one ever forgets a good teacher - someone who can capture the imagination of their students and inspire them to learn. In the Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA), we want our students to learn from engaged staff who are immersed in their own subject and passionate about teaching. We see our role as helping our colleagues to recognise, expand and use all of their skills to create a truly inspirational student experience. We do this through supporting the development of academic practice, championing learning technology, encouraging an exchange of ideas across the LJMU community, and helping the University to celebrate excellence in teaching and learning.

Our work is based around the following themes:

  1. Canvas development and support
  2. Curriculum enhancement
  3. Educational technology
  4. Inclusive academic practice and policy
  5. Learning Analytics
  6. Recognition and Accreditation
  7. Student Voice and Evaluation