Hello and welcome

If you are planning to move to Liverpool, whether or not you are here to study, you will find a passionate, exciting and vibrant city which has earned its place in the hearts of many people and communities from around the world. 

It is a city with all the usual challenges of any urban area, but local people are famous for their hospitality and sense of humour. 

Liverpool is famous for taking a stand for fairness and equality, collectively fighting for justice for Hillsborough 96, for example, or refusing to let fascists leave the train station they arrived in. 

This year, Liverpool has also been the first major British city to elect a black woman as City Mayor, just the latest in political firsts for the city and black people. 

Within the black community you will find a diverse community of champions, historians, business owners and politicians who are ready to support each other and you. 

If you are choosing LJMU to study, then we are building an institution and community to make you feel valued and safe. 

These pages are here to tell you a little bit about what you can expect, who you can meet and who can help.