Time domain astrophysics

The Time Domain Astrophysics group works on a variety of explosive transients, including Galactic and extragalactic novae, type Ia supernovae (SNe), core collapse supernovae, and gamma rays bursts (GRBs). Our research spans observations of the outbursts of these systems, the resulting remnants, their galactic environments, population statistics, and their progenitors. Theoretically, we investigate and model the fundamental mechanisms driving these phenomena. We are also investigating electromagnetic (EM) counterparts of gravitational wave (GW) sources.

Working groups

Blazars and Active Galactic Nuclei

Gamma Ray Bursts and Gravitational Wave Counterparts


Cataclysmic Variables


Ongoing projects

The Liverpool Telescope is a 2 metre, fully robotic telescope located at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos on the Canary Island of La Palma. Owned and operated by LJMU with financial support from STFC, the telescope is one of the major research tools for many of the members of the Time Domain group. With its diverse instrument suite and rapid response (2-3 minutes) capability, it is a powerful tool for studying transient phenomena across a range of timescales.

The New Robotic Telescope is a project funded to build a 4-m class robotic telescope, also on La Palma, which will have an even faster response time (30 seconds) and greater sensitivity for fainter targets.  With NRT we aim to spectroscopically classify over 10,000 transient events per year, as well as doing detailed astrophysical follow-up of the most interesting targets using the combination of photometry, polarimetry and spectroscopy.

Selected publications

PhD projects available

Follow the links to find out more about our PhD program and the list of projects that are currently available. Or contact any of our staff to learn more about their work and whether they are currently offering any PhD projects.

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