SDG 13 - Climate action

Climate change is an undeniable threat to the world’s growing population with many harmful effects already realised and visible. Through education and innovation, cooperation and commitment, the necessary changes can be made to protect the future of our planet.

We’re committed to protecting our environment and supporting a sustainable future for our students and the global community. On campus, we launched the UK’s first undergraduate degree on climate change and have revamped our buildings to reduce carbon emissions. Globally, we've used ground-breaking research to tackle peat fires in Indonesia and we’ve delivered flood resilience workshops in Cumbria.

Key statistics

Six courses

LJMU offers six courses covering climate and environmental science.

78 tonnes

High-tech drones that detect peat fires can stop 78 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere per drone system per month.

34% reduction

We have reduced our Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions by 34% since 2015/16.

100% renewable

100% of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources.