SDG 4 - Quality education

Education at all stages of life opens up opportunities, making it possible for everyone to contribute to society. Education benefits every human being and lifelong learning opportunities should be available to all in an inclusive and equitable way.

LJMU has a dual focus on quality on education through curriculum delivered in Liverpool and via our external engagement activities. We have committed to feature sustainable development as part of our taught courses, and we’re making efforts to decolonise the curriculum. We’re committed to our local community, delivering training for secondary school students in climate, chemistry and astrology.

Key statistics


Our 'coping with exam pressure – a guide for students' received 197,000 downloads.

2,500 schools

2,500 schools and colleges are part of the National Schools' Observatory whose website has 15,000 active users.

£30 million telescope

LJMU is building a £30 million telescope to feed data to the National Schools' Observatory.

150 students

150 students from six Merseyside schools were welcomed to take part in the Absolute Chemistry project.