SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Our planet is running out of resources but populations are continuing to grow. Changing our consumption habits and shifting our energy supplies to more sustainable ones are changes we can make to protect our environment and generate energy more sustainably.

At LJMU we’re changing the way we consume and produce goods to ensure an increased focus on sustainability. The concept of sustainability has influenced our curriculum, with students having the opportunity to learn about sustainable production in existing modules. Our research and knowledge exchange efforts have also helped to revolutionise material production as far afield as Bangladesh and the Philippines.

Key statistics

120 students

120 students have been able to learn traditional skills such as leatherworking and weaving.

Zero resources

A novel brick created solely from industrial waste uses zero primary resources.

£1.5 million

We are part of a £1.5 million international collaboration of five UK universities to provide a holistic understanding of mining impacts on the Philippine river systems.

25% Vegware

Where possible, we have switched to compostable packaging, currently 85% of all packaging is using the Vegware brand.