SDG 15 - Life on land

Protecting life on land is essential to allow human, animal and plant life to flourish. Harmful activities such as deforestation and land degradation are damaging our ecosystems. Protecting, restoring, and promoting the sustainable use of land is essential to survival.

Many LJMU projects focus on protecting Life on Land. For example, we’ve applied groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology to promoting wildlife conservation and we’ve led international research projects to protect endangered species in Indonesia. On campus, we’re creating green spaces for staff and students. Across the Liverpool City Region, we’re working with local authorities to put nature at the heart of city planning.

Key statistics

100 times faster

Conservation AI has the potential to make animal surveys up to 100 times faster.

145,000 visits

Access to Liverpool City Region greenspace supports 145,000 active visits per year.

30,000 extra

Our research recommends that the UK Government honours its commitment to plant over 30,000 extra hectares of woodland per year by 2025.


The Orangutan Conservation Action Plan and Strategy we supported will remain in place until 2029.